Check Out The Magical New Posters For ‘Beauty And The Beast’

These are special

We’ve been inundated with so many sneak peeks of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie, we almost feel like we’ve already seen it. The irony there is that, if you’ve seen the original, you kind of already have. This version is obviously a more modern take, though (and stars Emma Watson, hello), and that’s never been more evident than in the newly released posters. 

They feature the stars of the film in proper majestic fashion. Watson as Belle is angelic and ethereal, Emma Thomson as Mrs. Potts is proper and demure, Luke Evans as Gaston is regal and menacing, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette is sassy and flirtatious, Dan Stevens as the Beast is sullen and closed-off, and Dan Stevens as the Prince is a dapper gem. 

And to get us even more excited, Disney has also provided us with moving GIF versions. A nod to Harry Potter much? You can check out all 12 of the posters in the slideshow below. March 17 can’t come soon enough.