Meet The Only Illuminator You’ll Need This Holiday Season

    Beauty Bakerie’s new launch will get you from party to party, no touch-ups required

    by · November 29, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Beauty Bakerie

    I’m the kind of person who is very into my #aesthetic but also hates filling my purse with makeup. I live that busy NYC lifestyle where I frequently spend 13-plus hours outside of my home, so I can’t really justify lugging products around with me to do touch-ups throughout the day. I’ve been a loyal fan of Beauty Bakerie since I wore my first Lip Whip, because of a staying power which could outlast even the longest of celebrity marriages. Beauty Bakerie has proven, time and time again, that its products don’t require reapplication, so I was thrilled to test out their latest launch, the So Icy Illuminators, which dropped just in time for the holidays.

    One of the most enchanting aspects of the So Icy Illuminators is how spot-on the branding is. Staying true to the philosophy of “better not bitter,” Beauty Bakerie’s products are always as sweet as can be. Each product name is a reference to a treat, from their range of BROWnies to their sugary EyesCream. The So Icy Illuminators are no exception—each one comes in a paper ice cream pint, and I’m sure one of these days I’ll accidentally pop them into my freezer instead of my makeup drawer.

    So Icy comes in five flawless shades at $36 a pop, and there’s at least one option that’s perfect for every skin tone. I’m so pale I’m practically translucent, so I opt for Ice, Glistened, or Frosted when I want to highlight, whereas Frozen and Glazed work perfectly for me to accent my blush or wear as eyeshadow. My cheekbones look like fairies have been dancing on them, leaving trails of pixie dust in their wake. It’s remarkably shiny without looking glittery. Being a loose powder, the illuminators may not be as smudge-free as Beauty Bakerie’s liquid and cream products, but the glisten does last through the day and into the night, which makes them ideal for anyone hopping from holiday party to holiday party all month long.

    The vegan and cruelty-free illuminators are available at Beauty Bakerie, so snag yours now. Click through the gallery below to take a closer look at each new shade, and prepare to get your shine on this holiday season.

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