Your Official April Beauty Horoscope

the best products for your sign

Aries is the start of the Zodiac calendar—the beginning of the year—and thus it brings all the possibilities of a clean spring slate. So, we decided to take this opportunity to launch a new astrological feature: Beauty horoscopes. 

Read through to see what beauty product your sign will benefit from this month based on our monthly horoscope, whether it’s taking advantage of a particularly daring period of time to dye your hair pink or remembering to relax by incorporating aromatherapy into your routine. Either way, take to the stars for your beauty inspiration.

You’re going to want to soak up some rays as soon as they feel warm. And whether you’re going for a quiet hike or reading a book on a park bench, it’s a great time for bulls to recharge, surrounded by the earth’s natural beauty. Of course, if there’s one thing we know about the sun, it’s that you need some protection from it. This matte-finish sunscreen provides maximum protection and won’t irritate acne-prone or otherwise sensitive skin.

MDSolarSciences, mineral creme SPF 50, $30, available at MDSolarSciences 

Lean in to your animal-loving tendencies this month with cruelty-free makeup. You don’t have to protest a cosmetics lab to support the end of animal testing: Even just wearing a luxurious vegan lip tint will help the movement, and will help you feel good on the inside while looking fabulous on the outside.

Tarte, LipSurgence lip crème, $24, available at Tarte Cosmetics

Lead with your mane, Lioness—and don’t be afraid to really go there with your hair. If you’ve been considering dyeing your hair a bold color, now’s the time. It’ll stand out in the sunshine and make you feel like the brave queen of the jungle that you are. And after you go bold, have fun playing around with the color at home with color-depositing conditioners.

Overtone, Vibrant Pink daily conditioner, $17, available at Overtone

As the goddess of the harvest, Virgo, you of all people know how important the spring is. Get in touch with the powers of nature with a good smudge stick: Light this sustainably harvested sweetgrass smudge, breath in its vanilla-ish scent, and enjoy the world as it comes back to life around you.

Juniper Ridge, Sweetgrass smudge, $15, available at Juniper Ridge

This is a sensual time of year for the Libra, whether you’re partnered, dating around, or enjoying some quality alone time. So, take this opportunity to invest in luxurious candle that’ll keep the mood going. After all, there’s nothing like the smoky aroma and soft light of a small flame—especially on a chilly spring evening.

Diptyque, Baies "Boire"/black berries candle, $90, available at Diptyque Paris

It’s going to be a challenge for Scorpios to slow down and breath this month. Make sure you take time for yourself, but if you’re having trouble clearing your busy mind, try some good, old-fashioned aromatherapy. Lavender is extremely calming, especially in a steamy shower—so lather up and exhale. You can worry about that presentation later.

Aveda, Stress-Fix creme cleansing oil, $28, available at Aveda

April is prime time for a Sagittarius to go out and be active, but with all that exercise, you’re going to want a sweat solution (or not—you do you!). If you are looking for a deodorant to keep things fresh while you frolic, try an all-natural option that’ll banish odor without disrupting the natural rhythms of your body.

Dr. Haushcka, Sage deoderant, $22.95, available at Dr. Hauschka

You’re going to face a few challenges this month, but nothing you can’t handle: Including, but not limited to, hair that needs some extra loving. Consider switching from your drugstore shampoo to something that’s a little more restorative. It won’t be cheap, but your newly shiny, healthy locks will thank you.

Shu Uemura, cleansing oil shampoo, $57, available at Shu Uemura

Your logic skills will help you out with professional partnerships this month, so why not check out an example of a collab that totally rocks? Our It Girl palette with Memebox will arm you will all the bold color and inspiration you need.

NYLON x MEME, Sweet Sixteen makeup palette, $29, available at NYLONshop

It’s important to stay flexible this month, both emotionally and physically, and in terms of your beauty look. Make sure you can take your makeup on and off as needed without irritating your skin by double cleansing—washing your face with oil before using a face wash. The oil will remove all your makeup and pull the impurities from your skin gently, leaving you fresh and soft as a daisy petal. 

L'Occitane, Shea cleansing oil, $22, available at Sephora