we know how she gets her hair to look that good.

by ray siegel

We know, Alexa Chung's hair is annoyingly perfect (along with everything else about her). It's kind of hard to put your finger on why, exactly, but if you look closely she's achieved the impossible: It's messy bedhead and neat at the same time.

And you can do it too with the right tools and products:

MOUSSE IT: L'Oreal Texture Expert Mousse, $19

Any messy hairstyle requires a ton of extra texture. Work this through your wet hair before drying.

BRUSH IT: Sally Beauty Supply Round Brush, $5.99

Forget the curling iron (unless you're really desperate) and use a thin round brush instead. Divide damp hair into sections, wrap each piece around the brush, and use a blow dryer to completely dry each piece, resulting in a loose wave.

FINISH IT: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, $25

Spray this saltwater-based product on each individual piece that you've just curled for even more texture. Then use your your fingers to work the product though the hair, rubbing just use the strands between your fingers to not only loosen the waves but also mess it up a bit. Use a finishing spray for hold.

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