we’re happy to see her smiling (and her pretty makeup).

by ray siegel

Blake Lively looks a lot happier in this shot than her Gossip Girl character Serena Vanderwoodsen ever did on the show. You'd probably be pouting too if your best friend was sneaking around with your ex-boyfriend behind your back, your mother was on house arrest, your little brother was in rehab and you find out your absent father isn't even your real father. So it's nice to see her smiling and looking bronzed. Get her look in three steps:

BLEND IT: Dolce & Gabbanna Luminous Liquid Foundation, $59

SHINE IT: Dolce & Gabbanna Luminous Liquid Foundation, $29

COLOR IT: Dolce & Gabbanna Luminous Cheek Color, $44 To get her perfect waves, check out yesterday's hair curling tutorial.