curls that not even the texas heat can deflate.

by rebecca willa davis

You'd never guess that Brit Marling spent two months as a freegan as preparation for co-writing the screenplay for the thriller The East, which screened this weekend at SXSW. Not just because we've never seen a freegan don a cut-out top, but also because her hair is so flawless, you can't quite imagine her dumpster diving to make her meals. Which is another way of saying that she looked flawless on the Austin red carpet. Want curly hair that won't frizz up, even if you're in the Texas heat? Here's our three step suggestion:

PREP IT: Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel - $23

This product more than lives up to its name--after getting out of the shower, squeeze a dime size amount on your palm and then rake your fingers through your hair to evenly coat your tresses, focusing on the tips.

CURL IT: Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Styling Iron = $199

This iron does all the work for you--so no twisting barrels or rotating your hand in an attempt to get a perfect (but not too perfect) curl. Just stick to the ends of your hair, so that the top three inches from your scalp is kept naturally straight.

GLOSS IT: Sebastian Halo Mist Shine Spray - $19.50

Give a quick spritz around your head to help hold the curly while also imparting a bit of shine.