come on baby, do the (french) twist.

by rebecca willa davis

It's hard to believe that Chloe Grace Moretz only just turned 16. Not only has it felt like she's been in movies forever (Kick-Ass actually only came out three years ago), but she's also graduated from the princess gowns we expect to see on tween stars to straight-off-the-runway designer ensembles favored by actresses twice and three times her age. And is there anything more grown-up than the French twist? Well, not when you do it the way Moretz did earlier this week. The key in getting something way more Megan Draper than Betty Draper is making a deep part so you get that sweep of bangs across your face--and then adding in a ton of texture, so it's a bouffant-twist hybrid. Here's your three-step plan:

TEXTURIZE IT: Tigi Bed Head Catwalk Root Boost - $11.88

To get that bit of lift, spray a texturizer around the crown of your head, and then do a quick semi-tease with a brush to get volume along the roots.

PIN IT: Vidal Sassoon Bobbi Pins - $1.29

Pull your hair back to the nape of your neck, twist it in a ponytail, and then flip it up to your head--securing it along the twist side with a pack of pins.

HOLD IT: Sebastian Shaper Fierce Ultra-Firm Finishing Hairspray - $18.99

To make sure the French twist doesn't come undone the moment you, oh, move your body, you're going to want a very healthy dose of heavy-duty hairspray. This one won't make your strands look (and feel) like hay.