beauty queen: dree hemingway

beachy waves—minus the waves.

by ray siegel

Today's summer hair tips are inspired by Dree Hemingway's kinky hair. This style is perfect for already straight hair or for anyone who doesn't like their hair to look too "done." It's that very cool that falls right in between wavy and straight:

WASH IT:Sultra Bombshell 3/4 Inch, $130 Bumble's new shampoo makes your hair look like you spent a day at the beach--except it actually feels clean.

SPRAY IT:Sachajuan Ocean Mist, $28 Before and after styling, spray on plenty of Ocean Mist to give your hair tons of texture.

IRON IT:Sultra Bombshell 3/4 Inch, $130 This style is about creating kinks in straight hair, as opposed to actual waves. Instead of a curling iron, the best tool is a heated rod, because it has no clip. Hold each section of hair close to the iron without wrapping it all the way. This will give your hair some bend, without curling it. Bend pieces of hair in opposite directions to create a perfect mess!