taking the top knot down a few notches.

by ray siegel

For awhile now, the top knot has reigned supreme--becoming the the official hairstyle of most chill, rolled-out-of-bed looks to the red carpet. Emma Roberts took it down a few notches, literally, to the lowest of the low knots. It definitely makes for a more romantic, ballet inspired look. And it's a softer way to sweep your hair away from your face. Copy Emma's knot in 3 steps:

SMOOTH IT:Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum, $30

Use a serum before drying your hair to tame flyaways.

TIE IT:Scrunci No Metal Hair Ties, $5

Gather your hair into a low pony tail--Emma's is slightly to the side--and secure it with a discreet hair tie. Twist your pony tail and wrap it all the way around.

PIN IT:Marianna Supreme Bobby Pins, $7.69

Pin it in place with these--there's always a box oflying around in every ballet studio because they're the best. Slide a few pins in to secure the bun around your pony tail and to pin back any loose hair. Use your favorite finishing spray to polish the look and you're good to go!