beauty queen: emmy rossum

our guide to healthier, glowier skin.

by ray siegel

Since every good beauty look starts with a solid skincare routine, today we're focusing on exactly that--what happens before you pile on all of that makeup and what you do after you take it off. A piece of advice: everyone's skin is different; if you're breaking out, that means it's time for a new routine. Get glowy skin like Emmy in three steps:

WASH IT IT:Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, $38 Apply it to damp skin and then remove with a warm towel. You should never use hot water to wash your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

TONE IT:Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner, $30.50 All you need is a few sprays--it'll improve your skins texture and even it out.

MOISTURIZE IT:Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer, $13.49 It's super light, but has everything your skin needs--including sunscreen that you should be wearing everyday. Use it on your neck too! It's all about consistency! Stick with our routine for a few weeks and let us know the results.