throwback barrettes and braids.

by ray siegel

This may sound odd, but Emmy Rossum's '80s barrette really struck a cord--these were the kind that were usually used to awkwardly pin back flyaway hairs while you were growing out your bangs. Or they were used to create a big bump behind your already puffy bangs.

But this photo of Emmy made us somehow fond of them again. You'd think we were lying if we told you how long the Google search leading to the purchase of these barrettes actually took. Nevertheless, messy braids and dorky barrettes aren't something you normally see on the red carpet. Probably because it's not that easy to pull off without looking like you're channeling a messy Kindergarten student.

Here's how to get Rossum's look:

BRAID IT: Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume Spray, $25

Before you begin to braid, spritz your roots with texturizing spray--even loose braids require a bit of texture to keep them in tact. If your hair is super fine--tease the roots slightly.

CLIP IT: Scrunci Silver Barrettes, $3.99

The exact hair clips that our mothers used to buy for us.

LIP IT: Nars Jungle Red Lipstick, 24

A sexy red lip offsets the youthful braid/barrette combo.