how-to self-tan without looking like a jersey shore cast member.

by ray siegel

Even in the dead of winter, Isabel Lucas always looks like she just came straight from the beach. Follow our bronzing tips in anticipation of summer or get started now and pretend you came straight from the beach. Get ready to be all tan and glowy without the slightest hint of sun damage:

EXFOLIATE IT: Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, $38

Applying any product to dry skin is a mistake, especially tan enhancers. Apply to damp skin and remove with a wet towel.

TAN IT: Lancome Flash Bronze Body Gel, $37

We've tried them all, but our favorite is by Lancome. If you're worried about streaks.

BRONZE IT: Nars Body Glow, $59

If you're looking for a little extra color--this goes a long way and is completely natural looking.