the silver lining: her makeup tricks in three easy steps.

by ray siegel

We're dying to see Jennifer Lawrence's new rom-com, Silver Linings Playbook—which comes out today—even though she'll always be Catniss Everdeen to us. At this week's movie premiere, Lawrence's beauty look pointed out one of her rare skills: taking traditionally girly makeup and making it look edgy and cool. Maybe the odds really are ever in her favor? We can teach you how to do this in three steps:

SHADOW IT: Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Plum Brown, $20

Lawrence's super clean take on the smoky eye is all about the shadow above her eyelid stopping halfway before her browline. (Tip: Get your shadow to stay intact by using a layer of concealer underneath.)

LINE IT: Illamasqua Precision Ink, $27.50

Draw a thick liquid line along the lashes, getting wider towards the outer portion of the eye. Again, the precise line makes for a more controlled and sleek-looking smoky eye.

PAINT IT: MAC Dazzleglass Creme Lip gloss, $22.30

To make the pink lip blend in well with the rest of the look layer it over a nude lipstick and match it with a pink blush.

Instead of the usual bouncy curls we're used to seeing on the red carpet, Lawrence gets bonus points for pulling her hair away from her face and calling it a day.