beauty queen: jessica chastain

go from zero dark thirty to zero red thirty in three steps.

by ray siegel

Every time we see Jessica Chastain's coppery red hair, it makes us think, "Could we go there?" If you've thought this same thing, there's no better time to start reconsidering your color than pre-spring. For those of you who dare to go all-out Chastain--we're calling it 'Zero Red Thirty'--we've scoured the beauty stores for L'Oreal's best at-home option. Ger her red hair and red carpet beauty look with our quick steps:

ZERO RED THIRTY IT:L'Oreal Mega Reds Haircolor in Intense Red Copper, $6.29 To get Chastain's red color at home, choose a hair color with copper tones in it. Click here, for our at-home color instructions.

CONDITION IT:L'Oreal Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Nourishing Conditioner, $5.99 To keep your color from fading, use an ultraDASH-moisturizing conditioner. Leave it on for three minutes before rinsing.

PAINT IT:Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Fantasy Pink, $30 Match your new red hair with a new bright pink lipstick.