her lavender hair reigns supreme.

by ray siegel

Today's Beauty Queen look—though not for the faint of heart—is a nod to one our most adventurous Queens. Just an FYI, we caught up with Kelly Osbourne at a recent Amfar event and she's feeling good and doing good by raising money to fight AIDS. And she's looking good with a Lana Del Rey-esque hairdo, and Amy Winehouse-esque eyemakeup.

If you're as fearless as Kelly, here's how to get lavender hair and crazy lashes:

DYE IT: Splat Hair Bleach Kit in Lusty Lavender, $4.98

Dying your hair at home is easy, but be aware that the lighter your hair is, the darker the color will be and brunettes may need to add extra dye.

LINE IT: Urban Decay Ink for Eyes, $22

Osbourne's look calls for an extra thick layer of liquid liner. Pull your lid taut, so that you can apply a straight line across with a wing shape towards the outer corner.

LASH IT: Illamasqua False Eye Lashes 013, $12

Clearly, those aren't real lashes. Sephora has great options if you're looking to enhance what you've got.

Like any look, the best way to rock it is with as much confidence as Kelly Osbourne.