good makeup and good karma…

by sarah wasilak

Cruelty-free cosmetics are obviously important, but the truth is, we don't always know where our makeup is coming from. (And a lot of the time, we go for what we already know works best on our skin or whatever's cheapest...) But The Body Shop continues its crusade to make every product truly beautiful by supporting Cruelty Free International, a campaign pledging against animal testing. Theit entire store is vegetarian – which means a lot more than you'd think. The company bans the use of bug shell extract (which is normally used to enhance color) and fish scales (for shimmer). Instead, natural vegetable and mineral materials are key ingredients, and brushes are made from artificial hair only. See which Disney Princess is a dead ringer for Lily... Now The Body Shop takes on Lily Cole as their global brand advocate, and it's easy to see why. While Lily's a great model and actress (she plays Greta in Snow White and the Huntsman, and recently modeled for our May issue), she's also a really responsible activist. Read about Lily's eco-friendly take on fashion. Lily's new capsule collection for The Body Shop includes lip gloss, a pearl primer for hydration, a violet liquid liner (because purple enhances all eye colors), and customizable shimmer cubes for eyes and face. The range is reasonably priced at $3-$22, and the quality is excellent. (Just don't forget to recycle the packaging afterwards, or Lily will get mad...)

Shop the entire Lily Cole x The Body Shop collection online.

Lily Cole in her Body Shop campaign.

Behind-the-Scenes with Lily at her Body Shop photo shoot.