our favorite actress in our favorite look.

by ray siegel

Say hello to two new It listers: Mia Wasikowska from The Kids are Alright and this simple graphic eyeliner (hold the eyeshadow). Expect to see a lot more of Mia this year starting with her role in the upcoming psychological Stoker alongside Nicole Kidman. You can expect to see more of the graphic eyeliner she's wearing too; we already have all over the runways. It's a un-eyeshadowed eye with a thick liquid line across the top lashes: very '90s, very NYLON. Here's exactly how to get the look in three steps:

Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, $20

Use concealer as an eye base to get the full contrast effect between your lid and the graphic, black liner.

Smashbox 'Limitless' Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black, $22

Sometimes we like to get all fancy with a pot of liner and a tiny brush--this is not one of those times. Pull your lid taut, grab your pen, and draw a thick straight line across your top lid.

MAC 'Zoom Fast Black Lash' in Deepest Black, $16

Getting this look right calls for the blackest of all of the black mascaras like this option from MAC. Finishing your look off with some natural colored lip tint and you're set for the day.