spotted on the red carpet minus her man bieber, but plus serious lashes.

by ray siegel

Selena Gomez is back baby! And by back we mean back with Bieber. She was also seen after-partying it up post-Golden Globes with some serious lashes that we deem totally worth looking into.

Here are our three ways to copy Gomez's look: FAKE IT:Sephora Collection False Eye Lashes, $10

It's no secret that those aren't real, but they are the star of this look. And you'll notice she doesn't need much else. For lashes like hers choose a set that's even all the way across the lash line as opposed to the more sparse options. LASH IT:Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara, $28

Add even more volume to your new set of lashes with the mascara that does it best. PAINT IT:Bobbi Brown, $24 It's the prettiest combo of pink and nude—not to mention insanely glossy. So, when is she doing a track with Bieber?