how to get her perfect (but not too perfect) hair.

by ray siegel

Taylor Swift performed and presented the award for best female solo artist at the Brit Awards in London last night, but not before making her red carpet entrance. Bangs or not, we think her perfect--but not too perfect hair a kind of perfect non-red carpet, everyday look too. Whether your straightening wavy hair or styling already straight hair, here's what you'll need to get her look:

CONDITION IT:L'Oreal Everpure Conditioner, $5.99

A good condition is the beginning of a good blow out. If you have extra time, leave your conditioner on for ten minutes before rinsing it out.

SMOOTH IT:L'Oreal Anti-frizz Serum, $5.99

It'll protect your hair from heat styling and help calm frizz at the same time.

STYLE IT:Thermal Ceramic Round Brush, $4.99

Use a large round brush (or a medium-sized one depending on your hair length) with porcupine bristels (not metal ones). Starting at the root of your hair, wrap a small section of hair all the way around the brush while apply heat from your hair dryer. Repeat the brushing and drying process on the same section of hair at least four times, even after it's already dry. Then run your hair through your fingers to break up each section. For more T-Swift makeup looks, click here.