beauty queen: zoe saldana

beat the heat in a very cool ponytail.

by rebecca willa davis

The whole Rapunzel hair look is awesome--until it's 100 degrees (or, sorry, as likes to remind me, "100 degrees, feels like 105") and your neck is twice as hot as the rest of your body. So we totally get why Zoe Saldana arrived to San Diego's Comic-Con with her hair in a ponytail. And not only that--she made it look totally red carpet acceptable.

The secret, whether you're walking a step-and-repeat or just trying to look presentable at work is to get a little root height near the crown, bouffant it back, slap a hair elastic around it and call it a night. Easy, right? Right:

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Hair height starts at the roots--gather a strip of wet hair that runs from your forehead backwards (think of it like a modified mohawk span) and spray this with a special focus near your scalp.

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To build volume beyond the roots, get a golf ball-size squirt of the mousse and rub it through the strip of hair all the way to the tips. Blow dry with a round brush to maintain the volume.

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On the remaining strands, spritz on a bit of hairspray and then brush it back into a ponytail at the crown of your head, securing with an elastic. Then take the strip from you forehead and, maintaining volume by the roots, secure it with pins just above the elastic.

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Take a piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic, so that the brushed back bouffant blends in, pining it in securely. Give the hair spray one extra go.