maybelline shows you how to put your best face forward.

by liza darwin

Judging from the 700,000 or so video tutorials floating around on YouTube, it's obvious that putting on makeup isn't something you do behind your closed bathroom doors anymore.

Maybelline is well aware of this, and they've applied it to their new website- except instead of your average "vloggger" showing the masses how to apply eyeliner, they've asked the professionals. Charlotte Willer, the brand's go-to pro and artist behind runway looks from BCBG, Betsey Johnson, and Cynthia Rowley hosts a number of video lessons on the site.

Just choose a segment inspired by their street style page, "NYC365," which includes photos of real girls taken throughout the year. Or click a shade from their massive color palette to find a tutorial based on makeup hue. Then, you watch a short video with a lesson on how to recreate the look in just 3 steps.

Forget "maybe." This time around, it's definitely Maybelline.

Check it out here!