‘The Bedford Stop’ Reality Show Perfectly Captures Williamsburg Today

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Since the mid '00s, we've all been saying Williamsburg has changed. Rarely, though, has anyone stopped to document what exactly Williamsburg has changed into. Thankfully, The Bedford Stop—a Wburg-based, self-produced reality show—is here to do exactly that.

There are many interesting things one could say about the black-clad, racially homogenous, PR-and-marketing professionals The Bedford Stop covers, and their anxieties over Instagram likes. It's all beside the point, though. What's important is that The Bedford Stop is an amazingly accurate, dare we say, trailblazing look at what is happening in the neighborhood—a documentary series so unblinking and honest that the viewer feels transported  into the lives of the people who define the area now. In fact, after you watch the pilot episode The Bedford Stop, you may feel like you'll never have to go to Williamsburg again. 

Yep. Done. 

(via Paper)