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the oscars, alexa chung, and fashion design with kilo kish!

by liza darwin

Oscar predictions are already in! The Guardian plays fortune teller with our favorite flicks. (The Guardian)

Singer-slash-fashion designer Kilo Kish schools us all in patternmaking, because she's awesome like that. (VFiles)

Diablo Cody on being a big deal--even if it's just for seven seconds-- and the satisfaction that comes from rejecting that annoying guy from college. (Vulture)

Five alternate endings to Breaking Bad from director Vince Gilligan! (MTV)

Alexa Chung says her new book It is awkward--and that's a good thing. (The Telegraph UK)

Need new music? Stream the new album from The Kickdrums right here and make your Wednesday that much better. (NYLON Guys)