Bella Hadid Shows Her Love For “Beating The Shit Out Of Tires”

For ‘Love’ day 18

Love advent calendar day 18 is among us. Following along with the #StayStrong theme, today we’re presented with model Bella Hadid exercising her hobby of… hitting large tires.

Clad in a red lingerie set, the model poses around and bashes a large tire, all while rain sporadically comes down on her for some reason. What, you don’t like working out while being sprayed with a mysterious mist? Hmph.

At the end of the video, Hadid declares, “I love beating the shit out of tires for fun.” We didn’t know that! It’s probably safe to say she’d be attracted to someone who also enjoys beating the shit out of tires. Which means, as we can only assume from the Complex video she did back in October that quickly went viral, if homeboy’s coming through with a regular hammer and some nails, it’s quiet. But, like, if he comes through with a sledgehammer and a huge tire, homeboy’s gonna, like, get it. He just better be wearing some Hadid-approved kicks while doing so.

Watch the full video, below.