beauty queen: bella heathcote

fake it til you make it.

by liza darwin

Looking at Bella Heathcote's radiant complexion is enough to convince anyone to get eight hours of sleep, chug water like it's your job, and do practically anything to avoid the sun. I mean, the actress was literally glowing during her appearance in Zurich, Switzerland this week.

But um, since all of those things are basically impossible to do on your daily basis we've found your beauty shortcut to Heathcote's gorgeous, clear, wide-awake complexion. Not saying it's an excuse to skimp on sleep or water...but hey, we all need a little help every now and then.

WAKE IT: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- $45

After washing your face, give your bare skin a jolt of instant energy with this miracle cream. It's like a giant iced coffee for your complexion. Once you try it, you'll never turn back.

PREP IT: Perfekt Skin Perfecting Gel- $48 

Dab a little squirt of this multi-tasking gel onto your skin--only a little bit is necessary--for an even, natural-looking complexion.

COVER IT: CoverGirl Invisible Concealer- $4.39 

If you're really dragging, sponge a bit of this creamy concealer on under your eyes and on blemishes. It goes on light and smooth, and the best part is, the coverup is less than the price of a latte. In other words, it's perfect for the days when you need both.