Benjamin’s Brother Made A Video That Questions Our Perception Of Reality

You wish you could dance like this

Conflict can occasionally spawn something beautiful. In the case of Benjamin's Brother's newest song and video, "Room 505," it was a conflict between the artist, Joseph Bach, and his wife that found him alone behind a piano at the Jerusalem Music Academy in a room numbered 505, where he created a delicate and haunting song which we have the pleasure of premiering today. 

"Room 505" plays with our perception of reality in order to create a sense of emotional tension, leaving the viewer questioning what it is they're watching. 

"The idea was to make the conflict as seen as we can, as visual as we can," says Bach. "They created a world of conflicts, a world of questions between the heart and soul, reality and dream, good and evil. The choreography by Chen and Emunatia only made it stronger by taking those conflicts to body movements."

By playing with the idea of mirror imaging, the video takes on the same inwardly exploratory nature as is present in lyrics like "I hate this game we play/ I always lose, 'cause I hide the truth." In a way, then, we are given a mirror within a mirror. There is the physical mirror in the video that both does and does not exist, as well as the mirror that is the video—it is a reflection of the song, but as with any mirror image, it's also its own new entity.

Watching the video is an entirely separate experience from listening to the song, but when the two come together, they coexist in a way that shows their similarities. Together, they evoke a sense of direction that they do not separately—a melancholic beauty becomes apparent in a truly special way. See for yourself in the visual, below.