11 characters we hated but are actually pretty cool

    give it up for the losers!

    by · June 03, 2015

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    Sometimes, an audience surrogate backfires so seriously that you end up with a Jar Jar Binks situation — the comic relief isn’t funny, and instead veers into dangerous territory filled with awful stereotypes. But sometimes, characters we are supposed to love — nay, ought to love — who become stand-ins for whatever is wrong with the film or show in question, so much so that a fanbase can entirely turn against them. And, perhaps that is unfair. Perhaps these characters are only guilty of wanting to be loved too much. Is that so bad? (Hey, it’s way better than characters who everyone loves but are actually pretty awful people, right?)

    So here is a moment of redemption, for all those characters who annoyed us at the time but actually are pretty great in retrospect. Or, aren’t deserving of the piles of hatred so heftily heaped onto their poor, fictional existence.

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