The 11 Best Audiobooks To Listen To Right Now

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    by · September 10, 2016

    There’s plenty of things we remember fondly from our childhood, but high up on that list is when we used to lie in our bed at night and have our father tell us stories. Sometimes he would make them up, other times he would read to us. All those times, it was one of the highlights of our day, so easy was it to slip out of our conscious state and get lost in the dreamy world of his words. He’d use a different voice for every character and assume a stentorian tone for narration. It was true childhood bliss, the kind of experience you yearn to recreate as an adult but just don’t know how to correctly.

    Which brings us to: audiobooks. While it might be impossible to completely relive our happiest childhood moments, we can at least still reliably be read to as adults by listening to audiobooks. We have always been pretty big bookworms and so used to be somewhat skeptical about the medium; what could be better than hearing our own voice in our head while reading? Well, it turns out, hearing Meryl Streep’s voice might be. Audiobooks are narrated by everyone from Oscar-winning actors to trained voice artists to the authors themselves, and listening to books—whether old favorites or brand-new-to-you tomes—is a great way to get your reading in, even while multitasking (i.e. audiobooks are a great companion for a long car ride). And while audiobooks can get expensive, subscription services like Scribd make the cost more manageable. Some public libraries even have audiobook lending programs too!

    Read on—and listen up—for some of our favorite audiobooks of all time.

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