Unwrapped: The Best Gifts For Your Coworkers

All for under $25

’Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that’s a full month (31 days!) in which we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life—and maybe even a spoiled pet or two.

In office culture, you have your work wife/husband, your boss, your other superiors, your happy hour friends, and then you have everyone else. Whether or not you hang out all the time or gossip over Slack, they still enrich your life the same way you do theirs: by doing a good job and being nice. And what do people who do a good job and are nice get? Hopefully some serious displays of gratitude, which during the holiday season, means gifts. So, dear friends, here are 10 gift ideas for your coworkers. Pro tip? Go more practical than humorous. You don't want to risk becoming an HR Nightmare.

Buqu, Cordz 6' Lightning USB Cable, $24.99, available at Buqu.

Save your coworker the hassle of asking others if they have a phone charger on them by giving them one!

ban.do, 17-Month Classic Agenda, $20, available at Urban Outfitters.

Some people really love to let others know how busy they are. Here's a gift that does all the talking for them while also keeping them (hopefully) on track.

totes, Mini Manual Umbrella With Neverwet®, $24, available at totes.

There are few things more hellish about the 9-to-5 grind than being stuck at work with no umbrella when Mother Nature calls for rain. This compact umbrella fits into almost any bag, so you know it will fit under any office desk for when it starts to pour.

Rosaplace, Cute Squishy Stress Reliever Toys, $12.95, available at Rosaplace.

These tiny squishy animals have tiny suction capabilities on their tiny bottoms that allow them to stick to a computer monitor, making them incredibly easy to grab, so you can then not only destress, but also feel super kawaii.

Out Of Print, Library Card Tote Bag, $20, available at Uncommon Goods.

Like umbrellas, extra bags are a desk must-have because you never know when you'll be sent something cool or given something from your boss that requires more room than your regular bag offers.

Bath & Body Works, Bee Happy Hand Cream, $4, available at Bath & Body Works.

Deskside hand cream is a great way to distract one's self from writing emails because it takes your hands off the keyboard for a minute.

My Canary, Makeup Mirror, $22.99, available at Amazon.

Here, give your coworker a magnifying desktop makeup mirror that also lights up because there's nothing more exhausting than watching a fellow happy hour hopeful try to take their makeup from day to night using their computer's Photobooth app.

Speks, Original Speks Desk Toy, $24.95, available at Speks.

This iconic toy is ideal for coworkers who feel like they can't "pull off" the fidget spinner trend and also find stress balls to be insulting. Speks lets the user flex their creative muscle with its infinite stacking capabilities.

Threshold, Geo Throw Sabrina Soto Blanket, $23.74, available at Target.

Desk blankets are a thing because office temperatures are unpredictable and unfair. This one just so happens to feel (and look!) like an expensive sweater.

John Edmark, Lollipopter, $25, available at MoMA Design Store.

What is the Lollipopter? Who knows! But it's mighty pretty to look at and you know what? That's perfectly fine. Somethings are allowed to just be pretty. Plus, it's a great conversation starter should you find yourself in need of one when catching up with your "Karen."