11 Detox Teas To Bring You Back To Life Post Holidays

What hangover?

The holidays came and went, and now we’re left dealing with the aftermath of having a little too much fun. All those holiday sweets, drinks, and parties took a toll on us, leaving us feeling exhausted, bloated, and overall pretty crappy (and let’s not even get started on our skin).

As we begin to assimilate back into the swing of things—returning to class, work, or whatever it may be—there’s a little something out there to help bring us back to life: the detox tea. We rounded up 11 different blends that are here to make you feel human again. From liver-cleansing properties (because maybe we weren’t very kind to this vital organ the past two weeks) to anti-bloating ingredients, there’s something for each of our ailments.

Click through the gallery below to check out our feel-good picks.

Photo courtesy of Sakara

Sakara, Detox Tea, $20, available at Sakara.

This naturally sweet tea uses red rooibos, rose, and lemongrass to help boost your body’s natural cleansing systems.

Photo courtesy of Deitea

Deitea, No. 20 Morning, Noon, And Night Tea Set, $45, available at Deitea.

Excessive holiday partying mixed with frigid cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our skin. This set comes with three daily teas to help bring your poor complexion back to life.

Photo courtesy of Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty, No. 1 Green Goddess Detox Jar, $26, available at Edible Beauty.

This natural tea detoxes your liver with St. Mary’s thistle, schizandra, and dandelion root while citrus peel and lemongrass help bring back that natural glow of yours.

Photo courtesy of Ritual Tea Company

Ritual Tea Company, Soul Brew, $9.99, available at Ritual Tea Company.

This brew is chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants to keep you nice and healthy post-holiday season.

Photo courtesy of Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals, EveryDay Detox Tea, $5.29, available at Traditional Medicinals.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, this tea uses dandelion and chicory root to stimulate your liver’s natural detox process.

Photo courtesy of Teavana

Teavana, Recover Wellness Tea, $12.50, available at Teavana.

Bounce back from your holiday hangover with this crisp, refreshing tea that's packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.

Photo courtesy of The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot, Organic Turmeric Tonic, $5, available at The Tea Spot.

The ginger, turmeric, sarsaparilla and nettle in this tea help combat inflammation, so your body can focus on rejuvenating.

Photo courtesy of Yogi

Yogi, Soothing Rose Hibiscus, $4.89, available at Yogi.

Cleanse the skin from the inside, so you can get back that healthy glow you haven't seen since early December.

Photo courtesy of The Republic Of Tea

The Republic Of Tea, Get Clean No. 7 Herb Tea For Detoxing, $10.50, available at The Republic Of Tea.

Feeling out of balance or puffy from going a bit overboard last week? This tea is here to help.

Photo courtesy of Credo Beauty

Dr. Jackson’s, Herbal Tea Detox, $35, available at Credo Beauty.

This tea blend contains ingredients that not only have detoxing properties but also are digestive-boosting and diuretic (so you can get over that post-party bloating).

Photo courtesy of The Chopra Center

The Chopra Center, Organic Detoxifying Tea, $16, available at The Chopra Center.

This Ayurvedic detox tea aids the body in natural physical and emotional toxin elimination.