haute couture lands in the birthplace of harajuku!

by faran krentcil

As anyone with a passport and a garment bag knows, the biggest traveling party in the world is a Chanel fashion show. One minute, Karl Lagerfeld and his band of merry femmes are in Paris, the next, they've hit Istanbul, or Shanghai, or L.A. (If we had to put bets on which fashion label would hit the moon first, we'd put all our Double C chips on a Lagerfeld-Branson alliance.) This week, Chanel flew its haute couture airplane - complete with logo-stamped carpet and track lights - to Japan. They brought some of their friends (movie star Vanessa Paradis, model Alice Dellal, actress Clemence Poesy) and invited some of Tokyo's coolest glitterati to join the parade. We picked our favorite outfits below, but we know one is missing: Azealia Banks was tweeting about going to Chanel's Japan show... so where is she?! Tweeters, investigate!