not all cold-weather outfits are made equal.

by nylon

Finding a star to crown Best Dressed is easy in summer--because who doesn't look good in a sundress or a bit of a tan? But winter is a whole different story: Suddenly function comes before form and there are loads of images of our favorite celebs bundled up in puffy coats and not-quite-flattering hats. Which makes the winners all the more exciting. All month long we've been spotlighting our daily favorite (check them all out here), but now we want to let you pick your favorite of our favorites. Scroll through to see each editor (and our interns, because they're that cool) make her case.

Rebecca Willa Davis (Executive Web Editor): Jaime King

"There are so many reasons why this outfit should be horrible. But it's so wrong it's right--those shoes, that dress, the layering—and not to sound totally cheesy, but King completely convinces me that this is the most stylish outfit of the month thanks to her 'I know I look great' smile."

Ray Siegel (Senior Web Editor): Marion Cotillard "I've said it once and I'll say it again: Marion Cotillard was a hit in this look. Everything about it speaks to me: the pink and navy color combo, the quirky built-in tie, and who else can get away with pairing combat boots with a sequin bag?! There's actually a lot

happening here, but she makes it look effortless."

Ali Hoffman (Web Editor): Clemence Poesy "I'm head-over-heels in love with Clemence Poesy in this pic. Since nominating this ensemble for Best Dressed a couple weeks back, I keep returning to it for my own outfit inspiration. From the oversized, I-stole-this-from-my-grandfather's-closet plaid coat to her chic little blonde bun and perfect matte red lips, the actress really hit this one out of the park."

Estefanie Duque (Web Programmer): Elizabeth Olsen "I'm into the way she mixes the elegant oversized coat with classic blue jeans to keep it casual. The way she matches her accessories--leather gloves , bag, and ankle boots--is kinda badass, but her little purple beanie and scarf keeps her on the cute side."

Taylor Irwin (Web Intern): Dakota Fanning

"Sporting a navy Louis Vuitton embroidered mini and a matching Miu Miu top, Dakota's monochrome masterpiece was perfection--and the deep berry lip just made it even better."