best dressed: november

the outfits that were nylon editor-approved.

by nylon

Now that the holiday season is in high gear, we're not just looking at our Best Dressed winners for inspiration; we're relying on them to get us through the gauntlet of office parties, BFF parties, ex-boyfriend parties, family parties, and crashing-a-random-stranger's parties.

Good thing our November Best Dressed picks were all looking sharp; of course, when it comes to picking the best of the Best, our editors had a few things to say. Check out the gallery to see which five made our Best of November list--and then go ahead, shop their looks in time for all your December festivities.

Steff Yotka (Associate Web Editor): Emma Stone

"I always describe my personal style as 'Holden Caulfield after he escapes from boarding school' because I'm a little preppy with a side of grunge and a splash of messiness, so Emma Stone's Band of Outsiders suit is practically my dream outfit. It has that upright, boyish charm, while still being a little loose and not too serious--AKA everything I love all wrapped in one outfit."

Rebecca Willa Davis (Executive Web Editor): Ashley Madekwe

"I'm not a big suit person (sorry, Emma Stone), but if I did have to actually dress up and look professional and not wear, like, a crop top and Chucks, this would be it. It's got a retro vibe without looking like it would smell of mothballs, and is so crazy flattering that it might just make me quit crop tops forever. The fact that it's all from Topshop? Sorry Ash, but we're about to be twinsies."

Liz Riccardi (Digital Design Director): Milla Jovovich

"I love this look because it's super fun and festive and sophisticated. How often do you see a short gold dress that's not hella cheesy? It's cool because she keeps the rest of her look pretty low key. I feel like if I owned this dress I would wear it to every holiday party. Or just everywhere. I mean, who's to say I was't just at a holiday party?!"

Jackie Yaeger (Newsletter Editor): Bella Thorne

"Here's why I wish I could look like Bella Thorne in this Rebecca Minkoff dress: The pattern, sleeves, cut, and slit were all made for her--and made any other way, this print could have gone way too grandma's closet. The starlet's choice to add a pop of neon, badass booties, dark nails, and super fun hair totally pull this look together. Now I only wonder where she (or me, vicariously through her) will be wearing it next. Shopping? Brunching? Dancing? Yes, all of the above."

Liza Darwin (Senior Web Editor): Elizabeth Olsen

"The leather leggings, oversized coat, and loafers combo is basically what I wear everyday already (ask anyone in the office!). Now that the outfit has Elizabeth Olsen's stamp of approval, my winter uniform just got that much cooler."