photo courtesy of novis


best dressed: taylor swift

cool ocean blues and sandy pinks.

by tatiana suridis

Summer days in New York City can sometimes be too hot to handle. Literally. There are days when you wish you could wear just a bathing suit on the streets and swim through all that humidity. And when your sundress starts to feel more like a wet towel, you know it’s time to get out of the heat.

Leave it to Taylor Swift to come up with the perfect solution to our summer wardrobes woes with her Novis outfit. The multiprint bustier channels those cool ocean blues and sandy pinks and her dress is perfect—light, loose and not a huge fabric burden. If you like what she’s wearing, make sure to check out Novis’ online e-commerce website when it launches tomorrow. It will feature their Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection and some exclusives from this Spring/ Summer collection, so you can beat the heat and prepare for the East Coast chill ahead. 

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TRUST: BAGGU Basic Leather Tote Bag in Turquoise, $160

LUST: Novis Oscar Cropped Bustier, $695 + Eero Triple Layer Dress, $1,295