boscia’s black mask gets gelled.

by liza darwin

Last summer marked the start of our obsession with the Boscia black mask, a revitalizing peel-away paste that worked wonders for our skin.

Now the skincare brand is back with another pitch-colored product to add to its arsenal. But unlike the mask, this is a staple we can use everyday (yay!). The Black Hydration Gel is a morning or night lightweight moisturizer that brightens skin tone immediately, thanks to detoxing ingredients like artichoke leaf extract, charcoal oil, and Vitamin C.

While the gel pumps out in a murky black hue, don't worry- it smooths on clear, making it an awesome base for foundation or BB Cream. We loved it because its subtle cooling effect made us feel instantly fresher and awake, and it keeps skin hydrated without adding oil.

Needless to say, this is one of those rare addictions that's actually good for we're not stopping anytime soon.

Buy it at Sephora.