#nylongirlproblems: faux fur jacket

need some warm fuzzies this fall? we’ve got your back.

by rachael wang

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The Question: W

here can I find a faux fur chocolate brown jacket that goes down to my bum but not over it? Please help! been looking for the last seven years!

The Answer:

I totally feel you! A perfect fitting chubby is every girl's dream, and finding a good faux fur option is quite a task. I always keep an eye open when I'm road-tripping through smaller towns--don't underestimate a weird second hand shop in a strip mall on the side of the highway. Cruising flea markets is also great for this kind of scavenger hunt, plus you can usually bargain for a great deal. Thrifting can be incredibly time consuming though (and it seems you have found this out the hard way!) so I would suggest searching or to find a granny coat good enough to make Margot Tenenbaum jealous. Or you could just check out a few options I dug up for you here...

MUST: H&M Faux Fur Jacket -- $59.95

TRUST: French Connection Faux Fur Coat -- $228

LUST: Dries van Noten Faux Fur Coat -- $1,115