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    your ultimate guide to celebrating national vodka day.

    by · October 04, 2013
    Here’s something we can raise our glass to: Today’s National Vodka Day.We knew we had to celebrate it, but listing our favorite brands seemed a bit underwhelming. So instead, we set our sights on flavored vodka, the loud, brash, crazy younger sister of regular vodka that has developed a bit of a bad rap. We kind of get it--a lot of them have really cloying flavors that end up tasting way too sweet, way too artificial, or both. But here’s the thing: A good flavored vodka not only tastes amazing, but it makes it even easier to mix up cocktails that seem a million times fancier than your usual go-to screwdriver. Like, whip-up-a-crazy-good-drink-in-10-seconds easy.So we took on the hard task of taste-testing a bunch of different flavored vodkas. There were two rules: One, we could only use a single mixer with each, and two, every NYLON staffer had to try every single combo. With each sip we got a bit more honest (no surprise, considering that the bottles we had to test out numbered in the double digits), and the result is the best guide to flavored vodkas--and the drinks to make with them--you’ll ever find.Click through the gallery to see our favorites (and get our NYLON-approved recipes). And if you decide to try them all out tonight? No judgement, promise.
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