thanksgiving movie marathon

couch potato-tested, parent-approved.

by liza darwin

Thanksgiving is so unbelievably close, we can almost taste it...as well as the turkey, the cranberry sauce, and the pumpkin pie coming tomorrow.

So to make the wait until Thursday a little bit easier--and to make sure you have something to do after you've devoured your feast--we've scoured Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go for the very best family-friendly movies streaming online right now.

These 15 films might be rated G or PG, but that doesn't mean they're not cool. Whether they're animated (Paranorman, Mulan), old-school (Teen Wolf), or one of our regular NYLON faves (Addams Family), it doesn't matter. You can watch each of these flicks with your parents, your little brother, your boyfriend, and your best friends all together, without having to worry about any potential awkwardness.

Click through our picks below for the best Thanksgiving entertainment ever. You're welcome?

James and the Giant Peach

The Lorax



The Nightmare Before Christmas


The Adventures of Tintin

I'll Be Home for Christmas

The Polar Express

101 Dalmatians

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Space Jam

Napoleon Dynamite

Teen Wolf

The Addams Family