The 7 Best Long Reads For Your Summer Solstice

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    by · June 20, 2016

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    Now that it’s summer, the days are longer and the Fridays are summery. It’s a season for relaxing and a season for learning. The more daylight, the less of an excuse you have to stay in front of your computer, tweeting how nice it is outside. Go outside with a book. Hell, do your internet reading alfresco with an updated RSS feed on your tablet or phone.

    Now’s also the time to go through all those articles you’ve been mindlessly saving to your Pocket with every intention of reading, but somehow never seeming to complete. Do it now. And, while you’re at it, add one (or all) of the following long reads to your list. Commit the ideas to memory and impress your friends at happy hour with all the knowledge you’ve been soaking up—you know, like those rays you should be protecting yourself from.

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