Fancy-Feeling Products You Can Actually Afford

    price ain’t nothing but a number

    by · February 04, 2016

    Before you take your paycheck and mail it to whatever new luxury beauty brand the bloggers are currently freaking out about, consider the fact that there are often products just as good—if not better!—hiding in the crowded shelves of your local drugstore. Yes, we’re calling it: That old “you get what you pay for” proverb doesn’t always apply.

    Sure, there are a lot of budget-friendly knock-offs of highly hyped products that are just never going to be as life-changing as the original. But none of those are on the list ahead, because why bother? Instead, we tried out the newest drugstore goodies and narrowed it down to just the ones that had us truly impressed. Click through, and then go make space in your bathroom. You’re going to need it.

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