Photo courtesy of Marilyn Minter


The Best New Year’s Makeup Is Shower Makeup

The ultimate wet look

There's no denying the power of the wet look. Think: slicked back and combed through hair, glistening limbs, dewy skin. What's not to love, really? Looking as if you just emerged like Venus from the ocean's foam is a classically coveted look and one we support completely. Plus, let's face it: It's just really hot. The wet look is shorthand for sex, after all, sweaty, steamy sex. It's a Marilyn Minter painting come to life. It's a look I can't recommend you try highly enough for whatever party you're planning on attending this New Year's Eve. Hell, I think you should sport the wet look no matter the occasion (maybe not work or, like, a baby shower) because it's just that universally perfect.

And while there are plenty of products to use that will keep your body with a soft, slick glow (I'm partial to Erbaviva's Shaping and Firming oils), and tons of holding gels to keep hair looking wet and lustrous, there's really only one perfect way to get your makeup to look like you just climbed out of a pool that you jumped in wearing a ball gown and holding a glass of Champagne, and that way is: take a shower with a full face of makeup on. I know, I know, this seems strange. And you know what? Maybe it is strange! But who cares, because if your goal is to look hot and messy and wet all at the same time, well, nothing works better—and nothing is more simple.

Here's what you do. Apply your makeup like you would if you weren't going to get in the shower. Put on your foundation or concealer or whatever it is you do. Layer on the eyeliner and mascara; no need to be too precise with your application, it's bound to get smudgy, and that's okay. Swipe on some blush or bronzer. Gel your brows into place. Add a slick of lipstick to finish it off. The only rule here is not to use powder-based makeup; use gels and lotions, otherwise you might get cakey. And then? Then you get in your steamy hot shower, have some music playing in the background, maybe enjoy a glass or two of shower wine while you're in there, and just relax. And when I say relax, I do mean relax. This is not the time to scrub at anything. Don't wash your hair right now. No shaving of any parts. Just stand there, let the water run down over your body. Drink your wine. Don't get your face directly wet. Just let the steam do its magic. Then get out of the shower.

Here's what you'll see when you look in the mirror: perfection, in the most imperfect possible way. You will look dewy as anything, and your skin will glow. You'll even have a slight flush that can't be faked with blush. Your mascara and eyeliner will have run a little, but, again, that's just fine. It will look like you just had sex or like you took a shower with your makeup on, which you know, you did. How decadent. How lovely. Now get out there and party.