Where To Find The Best Photo Booths In NYC

    Plan an old-fashioned photo shoot around town

    by · July 12, 2016

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    While we haven’t quite found the cure for hangover headaches and morning-after woes, nothing takes you back to what happened last night faster than a photo strip. You may never figure out what possessed you to stick out your tongue like that in every single shot. But who cares, you did it for the ’gram!

    Millennials require a lof of things to be happy, but a praiseworthy photograph definitely ranks high on the list. While there aren’t photo booths planted on every corner of Manhattan per se, there are plenty of options for planning an old-fashioned shoot around the city should you know where to look. While waiting for your entrée? Right after a fresh manicure? It’s never not a good time to capture yourself on film.

    Click through to find out where some of our favorite spots that are waiting to be uncovered.

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