The 20 Best Sephora And Other Amazing House Brand Beauty Products

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    by and · November 04, 2016

    Sephora is—as everyone who has ever walked into the store just to browse and walked out with a bag holding a $100 dollar lactic acid serum that promises to change your face and your life knows—a minefield. There are tons of amazing products to be had, from the extremely high-end luxury brands to the quirky cult favorites, making it hard to know just what to buy. And while it can be tempting to splurge on some of the fancier products on offer (which we’re totally guilty of doing), it’s also worth noting that Sephora’s house brand is home to a bevy of amazing beauty products, which can all be had at price points that won’t leave you an anxious mess when you look at your next credit card statement.

    But Sephora isn’t the only retail outlet that offers an exciting house beauty brand. Fellow beauty powerhouse Bluemercury also has an impressive house line, that’s got at least one of our editors forgoing spa experiences because she loves its peel so much. And speaking of spas, Bliss has a great house line of its own, beyond the luxe skin-care lines they offer. And let’s not forget Old Navy’s new beauty line that just launched a few months ago. Its scents are dreamily seductive, with a price point that’s equally as pleasing. And this is just scratching the surface.

    But what to buy? The sheer number of products can leave even the most seasoned shopper overwhelmed. The tyranny of too many choices is real! Here then, we’ve narrowed down some of the all-time best house brand beauty products, the ones that are as widely loved as they are reasonably priced. So the next time you’re thinking about restocking your vanity, feel like you’re on a mission rather than just aimlessly picking up whatever is the new, hot thing. Your wallet—and your skin—will thank you.

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