How To Have The Most Extra Bed Ever

For the best night’s sleep of your life

We spend a third of our lives in bed. If I had it my way, it would be even more.

Hi, my name is Irina, and I am a sleep lover through and through. Given how I am also a bad sleeper (blame it on living in Manhattan) and less-than-pleasant to deal with when I have less than seven hours of ZZZs, I have tried many sleep-adjacent products and accessories to optimize my shut-eye time. I've invested in mattresses that promised me the best night's sleep of my life, sprayed my pillows with different variations of lavender blends, and chugged sleepy time adaptogens that promised toss-free sleep and better skin.

Through trial and error, this year, I've finally achieved the kind of sleep nirvana of which even Morpheus would be jealous. Is my bed extra? Sure, but so am I when I've had a restful eight (nine? 10?) hours of sleep. 

What kind of person would I be if I didn't share all the wisdom I've learned? A bad one. And so, ahead, the 10 things you need to make a haven out of your bed. 

Photograph courtesy of Facebook/HelixSleep.


The foundation of a good night's sleep, a good mattress is essential for prime hibernation. I sleep on an Eight smart mattress that has the ability to track my sleeping patterns, put on a meditation app, and, most importantly, heat itself up when it's cold outside. It can also turn on the coffee machine while I'm still in bed, but that would put my boyfriend out a job, and I would never be that cruel. In terms of more analog options, Helix creates entirely custom mattresses based on your weight, height, and sleep patterns, and DreamCloud combines the best latex, memory foams, and technology for the ultimate support and comfort. Pick your poison.

Helix, custom mattresses, from $600, available at Helix.

Photograph courtesy of Facebook/MeetBuffy.

Comforter and Pillows

Any professional hibernator will tell you that no two pillows are the same. There are pillows that are supportive, yet soft to the touch (for all those back and stomach sleepers), there are pillows that prevent you from getting too cold or hot, and there are memory foam body pillows for when you just want to feel like you've been enveloped in a hug, but, like, in a non-pregnant pillow way. I have them all. As for comforters, you need just one: Buffy. Made from eucalyptus and coated in volcanic minerals, this eco-friendly comforter is so fluffy and soft, it makes it feel like you're sleeping inside a cloud. 

Buffy, Comforter, from $120, available at Buffy.

Photograph courtesy of Brooklinen.


We have yet to find sheets we like more than the ones Brooklyn-based direct-to-consumer brand Brooklinen offers. While the brand now boasts four different fabric options—the latest being the cozy and super-soft Twill, a jersey-like material—we keep on coming back to these luxe 480 thread count cotton sheets that feel as smooth as naked skin after a dip in the ocean.

Brooklinen, Luxe Core Sheet Set, $149, available at Brooklinen.

Silk pillowcases

Only the most dedicated eight-hour sleepers know that less-than-stellar pillowcases can cause face wrinkles and hair breakage, which is why you need a silk pillowcase which reduces the friction and face-tugging that cause fine lines and thus premature aging, prevents morning face creases (you know, those grooves you spot in the mirror first thing in the morning), and doesn't damage hair (while, naturally, helping to preserve your blowout).

Slip, Silk Queen Pillowcases, $79, available at Slip.

Sleep Mask

Similarly, not all masks are created equal. While you may be tempted to get one that will make you look as cute as Holly Golightly, resist going extra in the aesthetic department in favor of a mask made from good-quality materials, like silk and satin. Because, again, wrinkles are real—as are eye infections from toxic dyes.

Love Stories, Rizzo printed satin eye mask and pouch set, $65, available at Net-A-Porter.


Much for the same reason I invest in lingerie (tl;dr: self-care), I spend money on nice sleepwear. There is nothing quite like the feeling of putting your sleep garb of choice and climbing into a bed with freshly washed (and ironed!) sheets. A great pajama set is different for everybody. While I've recently become obsessed with ThirdLove's organic dolman sets, some people feel the comfiest in old college tees and sweats; others feel best when sleeping nude. Either way, comfort is key, so go for whatever you look forward to spending eight hours in. That said, you can't go wrong with a silk set like the one above featuring mushroom prints!!! How very Phantom Thread.

Equipment, Lillian Short Pajama Set, $194, available at The Outnet.

Nightstand table

Sleep-lovers, I can't stress this enough: The bedside table setup is a crucial component to having the best night's sleep. It needs to be stocked with all the essentials you might need to unwind come nighttime no matter what sort of day you've had. Some things to consider: books (here are 50 we're excited for this year), candles (we love this one, called Nightcap, from Brooklinen), a tarot deck, an overnight beauty product (I will take Herbivore's Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment to my grave), dream guide, and a sex toy (Unbound has some of our favorites). You will also want some sort of refreshment, be it a sleepy time concoction, like Moon Juice's Dream Dust or Dream Water, or water, preferably in an ayurvedic copper cup. We, also, have recently taken to drinking HFactor hydrogen-infused water, which, I swear, has been a life-saver not only during sleep-deprived NYFW in preventing the breakouts I usually get during this time, but also just for recovering from too many glasses of Champagne.

CB2, Ryker marble nightstand, $499, available at CB2.

White noise

If you live in a loud city, white noise is essential for nesting, be that in the form of a sound machine that gives off "air" sounds (best one, IMO!) or apps that put you to sleep. I myself use the iHome Zenergy sound machine, that also doubles as a light therapy machine, even though I've dabbled in listening to a podcast that we've dubbed to be better than Ambien and meditating to Calm, which, also, offers snooze-friendly bedtime stories for adults.

iHome, Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine, $88.99, available at Amazon.


If you're not into sounds or leaving your phone on while you sleep, diffusers can similarly create a peaceful setting for snoozing. (I've spent many a night falling asleep watching a diffuser spouting water). We love this stunning one, made from quality porcelain, that uses ultrasonic technology to correctly diffuse essential oils (unlike some of the cheaper, gimmicky ones). Tip: Pair it with Dusk blend that contains ho wood, frankincense, eucalyptus, and lavender. For something less bedroom-invasive, this spray, that I used prior to getting a diffuser, has provided me with many dream-filled hours.

Vitruvi, Black Stone Diffuser, $119, available at Vitruvi.


You can't love your bed until you love the room you have it in, or so the saying goes, right? Sure, right. Get to loving it by creating a nook with a pretty comforter, more throw pillows than anyone thinks necessary (your partner included), art that you love, curtains (blackout for deep sleep if you're a night owl, or sheer for those who like to wake up with natural light), and a plush rug that your feet will feel first thing in the morning.

Urban Outfitters, Daniella Floral Comforter, from $139, available at Urban Outfitters.