The 8 Coziest Slippers To Wear This Winter

Warm up your toes

This year will forever go down as Rihanna's coziest year ever, but it's not too late for it to be your coziest year as well. There are lots of ways to achieve maximum coziness; you could be like Rihanna (well, you could try to be like Rihanna; there is only one RiRi) and wear lots of oversize sweatshirts and voluminous coats. We recommend this! We also recommend you rip a page out of Rihanna's book and get your feet into some cozy slippers. And while Ri has her own Puma by Fenty furry slides to keep her warm, those highly coveted beauties are hard for most people to get their hands on—or their feet in. They're sold out everywhere.

Luckily, there are lots of good cozy slipper alternatives out there for us mere mortals. Here are our favorites that are guaranteed to keep you as cozy as Rihanna this winter. 

Photo courtesy of UGG

UGG, Amary Slipper, $110, available at UGG.

Ever wonder what it would feel like to walk on a literal cloud? Wonder no longer after you slide your feet into these sheepskin puffballs, which encase your feet in unadulterated sheepskin coziness. Just don't wear these outdoors; they won't take kindly to being exposed to too many elements. These are strictly for indoor coziness.

Photo courtesy of Minnetonka Moccasin

Minnetonka, Cally Slipper, $39.95, available at Minnetonka.

This classic slipper is a treat for the feet (and for the eyes in that vibrant red hue!); plus, it has a thin rubber sole which makes it perfect for those quick runs outside to grab your late-night food delivery. 

Photo courtesy of Nordstorm

Ralph Lauren, Slipper Bootie, $17, available at Nordstrom.

These slippers are a definite upgrade from just wearing socks around the house, but are also not as clunky as some full-fledged slippers might be. This means that you can wear these and achieve some major cozy vibes by tucking your feet underneath you and curling up under a blanket. Cozy! And as an added bonus, these slippers are fully vegan.

Photo courtesy of Jacques Levine

Jacques Levine, Chaine Slipper, $138, available at Jacques Levine.

Who says coziness can't be chic? This slipper riffs on the ubiquitous chain loafer trend for a fun and stylish way to stay cozy this season.

Photo courtesy of Zappos

Halflinger, Lizzy Slipper, $81, available at Zappos.

Sometimes, though, cozy just means cute. And what's cuter than these boiled wool slippers with a perky little kitty on them? Nothing.

Photo courtesy of Nordstorm

Nordstrom, Critter Slipper, $29, available at Nordstrom.

Actually, just kidding: These slippers, which will make your feet into polar bears, are actually the cutest slippers around.

Photo courtesy of Minnie Rose

Minnie Rose Left Right Kids Cashmere Slippers, $143, available at Minnie Rose

Who doesn't love the feeling of cahsmere on their skin? There's nothing warmer or more luxurious. And the insouciant "left" and "right" demarcation on these slippers always brings a smile to our face.

Photo courtesy of Kate Spade

Kate Spade, Sibyl Slippers, $98, available at Kate Spade.

And if you want to blend cute animal slippers with a soupçon of chic? That's where these slippers come in: cute, cozy, and classy all in one.

Photo courtesy of L. L. Bean

L.L. Bean, Women's Wicked Good Slippers, $69, available at L.L. Bean.

Not only is the price nice on these iconic slippers, but this is the coziest pair ever, thanks to being plushly cushioned and designed so that every part of your foot is ensconced in super-soft fleece. And the rubberized sole makes them versatile enough to scuff around in all the time, which is most definitely what you'll want to be doing once you put them on.