8 Summer-Proof Foundations That Won’t Melt Off Your Face

    Be your best sweaty, summer self without ruining your makeup

    by · August 04, 2016

    Sweat-proof foundation is the ultimate oxymoron—or at least so I thought. I was sure there was no such thing as a trustworthy, lightweight, even-covering, sweat-proof foundation. It just didn’t exist, and there’s nothing more frustrating than when a foundation doesn’t live up to your expectations.

    I’ll be first to admit: I’m a pretty sweaty person and I’m also incredibly self-conscious of my skin. I spent years battling acne and uneven skin tone, and I still face these challenges today. Although I constantly spend money on expensive foundations and concealers that do work, I tend to sweat them off during the warmer months. They can’t live up to even the most basic everyday activities, like commuting on the sauna that is the New York City subway or simply walking down the street on a hot and humid day. I want my foundation to be able to last through these gross, sweaty days without having to constantly check my face to ensure my makeup is staying put.

    In light of this desire, I put a selection of foundations—all of which claim to either last all-day, be sweat-proof, or power through anything—to the test. I walked around in 90-degree heat, stood on multiple subway platforms, and even took my out-of-shape butt up the stairs instead of using the elevator, all in order to sweat enough to find out which foundations can actually hold up against sweat and humidity. You can thank me later.

    Click through the gallery below to check out which ones passed the sweat test.

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