The Best Skincare Products To Save Your Flaky Skin

    Flakiness, begone!

    by · March 03, 2017

    Pointing out that winter weather wreaks havoc on the skin is sort of like saying the sky is blue; you’re already well aware of this information, and the evidence for it is as plain as the flaky-skinned nose on your face. But unlike the azure shade of the sky, the impact of winter’s wrath on our face and body is a real problem to be dealt with, not some benign aspect of the environment to appreciate. And we don’t know about you, but this specific winter has been particularly rough on our skin, causing it to flake up and off our face to a degree that has been driving us crazy—or it had been anyway, until we changed up our beauty game.

    To begin with, though, New York’s past few months of alternately freezing and springlike temperature—not to mention stints of bone-dry air followed by doses of suddenly high-humidity—left us at a loss for what to do. Our normal skin routine (which, um, admittedly was less of a regimen and more of a nightly “oh shit I forgot to wash my face, well, maybe if I rub it really hard with my hands, that will be the same thing” kind of deal) was not getting the job done. We needed to bring in some power players, things stocked with ingredients like hyaluronic acid (you know you’ve heard of it), evening primrose oil, and jojoba. Click through the slideshow below to see some of the things that have worked for us, and helped make it so that our skin hasn’t been shedding like a snake’s.

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