The Beyoncé Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For.

the dark side of the spotlight.

by sara tardiff

Beyoncé’s 2013 autobiographical film Life is But A Dream was definitely a sweet story of her journey to fame, but it might have bordered on a little corny. Don't get us wrong, we bow down to Bey like the rest of the world, but unfortunately, we can't ignore the film's omnipresent Bey voice-over and cheesy Tree of Life metaphor. With the release of her self-titled visual album last year, however, it was almost as if our memories were erased of any not-so-chic projects Queen B has worked on in the past. It was everything we could have asked for: high fashion looks, gorgeous lyrics, political undertones, and a TOTAL surprise on top of it all. The only proper way to commemorate the one year anniversary of her game-changing album (and cancel out the cheese) was to try the whole film-autobiography thing again. And thankfully she did, with her new short film Yours and Mine.

Consider this short to be a montage of all the Beyoncé videos, with added cinematic goodies in the form of unseen clips of a vulnerable (and beautiful) Bey. Sure, we get the same voice-over quality as her documentary, but this time it's a little darker and more authentic. She gets into the unlivable side of being a super star and what she has given up to get here. Not that it's all bad—she also narrates the beauty of sharing her success with the loves of her life and being grateful for such a rewarding job. Along with reliving one of the most influential (and girl-power-fueled) albums of the year, Beyoncé lets us in on how it changed her life, too.

"You’re no long afraid of letting go. You’re no longer afraid of the unknown. You're no longer afraid of going to certain places in your body and your mind and your soul that may make you feel uncomfortable.”