Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran Sing “Drunk in Love” at Global Citizen’s Festival


Ed Sheeran is, like countless other people on this Earth, a huge Beyoncé fan. So when Queen Bey herself joined him onstage for an acoustic rendition of "Drunk in Love" last night at the Global Citizen's Festival in New York City, we could only assume that it was a life-changing moment for him (although, undoubtedly, the pair must have rehearsed the duet at least a couple times before the surprise performance).

Sheeran was dresseed in plaid and Yoncé was rocking a glamorous leotard, and the two joined forces to slow down the sexy hit track. Accompanied just by Sheeran's guitar, the duo roused the huge crowd in Central Park with a flawless performance that ended in a sweet hug. And though Beyoncé obviously stunned with her unbelievable vocals, the British singer proved himself a worthy duet partner.

This isn't the first time the two Grammy winners have sang together, though. They also performed at a Stevie Wonder tribute concert in February, and Sheeran even covered "Drunk in Love" in a live radio performance in 2014. So, this duet may have been a long time coming—and finally hearing it is music to our ears.

(via MTV)