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beyoncé bought crazy expensive new heels

we are not surprised

by leah cunningham

Only Beyoncé can purchase a £200,000 (equivalent to around $312,000) pair of heels and shock absolutely no one. According to Birmingham Mail, Bey splurged on a glitzy pair of stilettos from House of Borgezie. What makes these Princess Constellation heels so costly? They come with a lifetime guarantee, are personally molded to each individual's feet with plaster, and are complete with 1,290 stones, fit only for a queen like Beyoncé. Chris Shellis, the owner of House of Borgezie, describes the heels as, "the crown jewels of stilettos."

But it turns out even Beyoncé wouldn't purchase a pair of heels like this without a good reason. Shellis also stated, "I’ve been told the stilettos are for her next video which should be out in autumn." So Beyoncé gets a new pair of shoes and we will (hopefully) be graced with a new music video later this year. This sounds like a win/win situation for everybody.

Photo courtesy of House of Borgezie

(via Birmingham Mail)